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Best books for GMAT Exam Preparation

Check out the best books for GMAT if you are planning to study abroad and want to score good marks in order to get admission in top universities
The Manhattan Prep Complete GMAT series is composed of 10 guides containing all the information and materials necessary to prepare for the GMAT exam.
Manhattan Prep Complete GMAT Strategy Guides
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The books consist of only the material that will be found on the exam. All in all, this book is highly praised and widely sought-after by those who have taken the exam in the past.
Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus series
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It is one of the most detailed books to help you understand the basic concepts. The guide consists of more than 950 questions, consisting of all sections with updated syllabus and pattern.
GMAT Official Guide
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It is widely known among those taking the GMAT exam. The book offers analysis of each segment and queries. The practice questions are hard, like you can expect on the exam day.
Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course Set
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It is an excellent resource for an individual studying for the GMAT. The book emphasizes the strategies for answering questions correctly so that no points are lost.
GMAT for Dummies
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