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Best Country to Study MBBS Abroad

One of the most noble professions is medicine. It is a prestigious pursuit to study medicine, as medical professionals are respected around the world.
1. USA
 A MBBS in the USA will enrich students' experience with expertise, knowledge, and skills.

Average Fees $25000-$34000

2. UK
Choosing to study medicine abroad in the UK at a prestigious university will only enhance your profile.

 Average Fees $13000-$50000

3. Canada
In Canada, MBBS has high academic standards, and medical students get excellent training, teaching, and education.

 Average Fees $16000-$23000
4. Germany
Germany offers high-quality medical education at an affordable price, making it an attractive option for aspiring medical students from around the world

Average Fees $8300-$11200
5. France
Medical colleges in France emphasize hands-on medical education to increase students' success in higher education and careers with high salary packages.

Average Fees $1000-$8000
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