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Calculate Your Express Entry CRS Score

You need to get a minimum of 67 points to create an Express Entry profile with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
What are the factors required to assess CRS score?
Age, education, experience, language skills, arranged employability in Canada, and adaptability.
Point distribution as per factors
The age calculation is done on the day your application is received and you can obtain a maximum of 12 points.
You can get a maximum 25 Canada immigration points and if you have an overseas education, you must have an ECA report from an authorized agency.
You can get a maximum of 15 points and the points are obtained on the basis of the number of years you worked full-time and a minimum of 30 hours weekly.
You can get a maximum of 28 points for writing, reading, listening, and speaking. And if you French, it's an additional benefit in points.
You can get Canada immigration points for a job offer of minimum 1-year form an employer in Canada. And the maximum marks you can obtain is 10.
You will be offered points based on your past study, work, and relatives in Canada. And the maximum marks you can obtain is 10.
Express Entry to Canada