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CGPA to Percentage

These days the percentage has taken a backstep as universities across the world now prefer CGPA or GPA to check candidates' academic performance.
What is CGPA?
CGPA or Cumulative Grade Point Average is a grading system used by schools/colleges to measure students' overall academic performance.
What is the Difference between CGPA and Percentage?
CGPA promotes healthy competition while percentage increases competition.

CGPA gives a better understanding of a candidate's performance than percentage.

It is easy to convert CGPA to percentage but percentage to CGPA requires calculation.
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How to calculate CGPA?
The CGPA is calculated by dividing the total grade points obtained in all major subjects by the total credit points.

 CGPA = ∑ (Ci*GPi)/ ∑ Ci
- Total grade points of all the       subjects.
- Total credit points of all the   subjects.
- Divide the total grade points by total credit points.
- Multiply the CGPA with 9.5 to   get percentage.
If you are planning to study abroad you must know that universities do not prefer percentage but majorly work on CGPA to evaluate international students worldwide.
CGPA to Percentage Guide