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Difference Between the Bachelor’s and Associate degrees

Both bachelor's and associate degrees are options for undergraduate students, but before choosing, it's important to understand some important differences.
Typically, a bachelor's degree requires four years of full-time study.
Typically, two years of full-time study are required for an associate degree.
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A bachelor's degree often costs two to three times as much as an associate's. Typically, associate degree tuition is less than bachelor degree tuition.
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Bachelor - The entrance requirements are set in advance and are typically rigorous.
 Associate - As a stepping stone to a desired bachelor's program, associate degrees have less rigorous and flexible entry requirements.
Entry Requirement
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A bachelor's degree typically opens up more career opportunities than an associate's degree.
Career Opportunities
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The best degree will be one that helps you reach your objectives, whether they are professional, academic, or personal. A bachelor's degree might open you more chances even if an associate degree might lead to a number of occupations.
Which is better: Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree
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