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European countries offering free education

Europe remains a popular destination as many European countries offer free or minimal tuition fees.
It is one of the few countries that offers free college tuition to all students enrolled in public higher education institutions, regardless of nationality.
Public institutions in Norway, which make up the majority of state university colleges and universities, do not impose tuition fees.
Iceland's public universities do not charge tuition; this rule applies to all international students.
For the first two semesters, Austria gives free college tuition to EU/EEA nations citizens. After that, students must pay 363.36 euros per semester. The average semester cost for other international students is 726.72 euros.
Students from EU/EEA member nations who study full-time at state-run Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) do not charge a tuition fee. Other international students spend, on average, 2,000 euros annually.
Students from the EU and EEA are eligible for free tuition at public universities for the first cycle. For non-EU students, the average tuition fee is 1,500 euros, including textbooks.
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