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GATE Preparation Tips

A GATE Preparation strategy involves selecting the best resources that cover all the topics from the GATE Syllabus.
GATE Exam Preparation Tips
Start Early
Understand Concepts
Gather the Best Study Resources Use Flashcards
Frequent Revision
Solve Mock Test
Start Early
1. Create a list of all the important topics
2. Allocate the right preparation time
3. Stick to the preparation strategy

Understand Concepts
1. Know your syllabus
2. Make short notes for formulas and concepts
3. Strengthen concepts for each topic
4. Having a strong grip on concepts 5. Short notes for a quick revision

Gather the Best Study Resources
1. Select proper material to study.
2. Have online videos for help, and offline resources like the notes

Use Flashcards
1. Jotting down all the difficult concepts on cards or sticky notes. 2. Helps to retain difficult topics and formulas.
1. Revise! Revise! Revise
2. Spend at least 2 hours on revision daily
3. This helps retain all the concepts

Solve Mock Test
1. Gain hands-on experience to crack the real-time exam effectively
2. Enhances your problem-solving ability
3. Will boost your confidence, and increase your speed and accuracy

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