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GATE Subject-Wise Weightage for Mechanical Engineering

GATE 2023 Mechanical Engineering (ME) question paper is divided into three sections: General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, and Core Discipline.
There are 9 main topics i.e. Engineering Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Machine Design, Theory of Machines and Vibrations, Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engineering, Heat Transfer, Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering.
What are the topics that are included in the GATE Mechanical exam Syllabus?
Which topics had more weightage in the past few years?
The topics such as Mechanics of Materials, Theory of Machines and Vibrations, Thermal Engineering, and Manufacturing Engineering have more weightage.
GATE Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering - Topic Wise Weightage in marks
  • Engineering Mechanics: 2.5
  • Thermodynamics: 12.75
  • Strength of materials: 7.75
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning: 1.25
  • Heat Transfer: 6
  • General Aptitude: 15
  • Machine Design: 3.75

  • Industrial Engineering: 8

  • Fluid Mechanics: 7.5

  • Engineering Math: 12.25

  • Theory of Mechanics: 9

  • Manufacturing Engineering: 14.25

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