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How to apply for Canada's start-up visa?

Are you planning to start your business in Canada? Canada’s Start-up Visa Program is for immigrant entrepreneurs having the skills and potential to build businesses in Canada.
Canada’s start-up visa program allows entrepreneurs to enter Canada to establish a new business.
What is the start-up visa program?
How to qualify for the Start-up Visa Program?
  • You must have:
  • Qualifying business
  • Letter of support from a designated organization
  • Enough money to settle and live in Canada
  • Meet the language requirements
How to apply for a start-up visa
  • Fill the application form
  • Complete document list
  • Pay application fee
  • And finally submit the application
How much does the application fee cost?
Individual applicant: CAD 85.
Families: Maximum CAD 170
Groups of 3 or more performing artists and their staff: Maximum CAD 255
How much time will it take for Canada's start-up visa?
The time period is between 12-16 months
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