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How to Apply for Ireland Permanent Residency?

Having Irish permanent residency allows you to remain in Ireland for more than 90 days. To get residency, you must obtain an Ireland Residency Permit or IRP certificate of registration.
Foreign nationals must live in Ireland for at least five consecutive years to qualify for permanent residency.
What is the eligibility for Irish residency?
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You can go with
• Employment Permit
• The Irish Immigrant Investor program
• Business permit
• Joining a Family Member
What are the various paths to apply for Irish permanent residency?
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What is Ireland's immigrant investor program?
The Irish Immigrant Investor program lets you invest in the Irish economy by obtaining residency in Ireland.
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You may be eligible for residency if you have been working in Ireland under certain types of work authorization or employment permits.
What is an employment permit?
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What is a family member path to residency?
If you are the spouse or dependent family member of an Irish Permanent Residence Holder, you may also be eligible for permanent residency.
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You need to send your application through the mail to the Long-Term Residency Division of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service, INIS along with supporting documents.
How to Apply for Irish Residency?
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What if my application is deemed to be eligible?
You will get a letter of approval from INIS then you need to pay the PR fee which is €500 within 28 days.
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