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How to apply for US Work Visa for Indians

For work and higher education, the United States is the top destination for Indians. The type of work you will be doing in the US will determine the type of visa you need to work.
Indian citizens can apply for a US work visa as non-immigrants after receiving approval from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.
US Work Visa for Indians
- H-1B (Workers in Specialty           Occupation)
- H-2B (Skilled and unskilled           workers)
- H-3 (Trainee)
- H-4 (Dependents)
- L-1 (Intra-company                       transferees)
- L-2 (Dependents)
- O (Extraordinary Ability)
- P (Artists/entertainers)
- Q (Cultural exchange)
Types of US Work Visas for Indians
- Passport
- Form DS-160
- Receipt of Visa Fee Payment
- Receipt Number from USCIS
- University degree
- letter of appointment and              payslip.
- Bank statement and ITR form
Required Documents for Application
- Determine work visa type to         proceed.
- Apply online for a                               nonimmigrant visa (DS-160).
- Pay the visa fee of $190 or             Rs. 14,820.
- Visa interview appointment
Application process for US work visa for Indians
- Valid passport
- DS-160 confirmation page
- Photograph
- Receipt of visa fee paid
Documents required for visa application center
How to apply for US Work Visa for Indians
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