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How to decide Between Off-Campus and On-Campus Housing?

There are several factors to think about while choosing between living on or off campus. Take the time to carefully evaluate your options.
University housing is conveniently close to the university; however, off-campus living is farther away, requiring daily commutes while providing a more independent lifestyle.
Distance from the University
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Different price ranges exist for student housing. Off-campus housing can sometimes cost significantly more than university dorms and come with additional fees for various amenities.
Cost and Comfort
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In contrast to off-campus living, on-campus housing typically offers a variety of meal plans and fully functional kitchens. With off-campus lodging, cooking your preferred meals is simple.
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You may choose to live with roommates when choosing accommodation. For on-campus living, you cannot pick your roommate. Off-campus living allows you to live with friends.
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Living on campus is safe since university campuses are well guarded. Living off-campus may also be safe, but it is impossible to have 24-hour security and medical assistance.
Safety and Medical Help
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