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How to pursue entertainment engineering?

If you are looking for a career that is entertaining and special, then Entertainment Engineering is the ideal option.
Top universities for entertainment engineering
1.  University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2. University of Derby, United
3. Eastern Michigan University,           
    United States
4. Ohlone College, United States
5. Carnegie Mellon, Pennsylvania
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What is the average salary after getting an entertainment engineering degree?
The average salary for a successful professional in this field ranges from $73,8971 to $86,861 per annum.
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What does an entertainment engineer do?
Entertainment engineers devise mechanical and structural systems for the purpose of scenic and entertainment staging, theater installations, amusement parks, etc.
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How do I become an entertainment engineer?
Bachelor’s degree is a bare minimum to establish a career in this field. This job wants you to perform a variety of tasks. A master's degree is a must.
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