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IELTS Syllabus

The IELTS generally consists of two exams - Academic and General Training. Based on your requirements or the university you're applying to, you can choose either one.
IELTS Syllabus sections
There are four sections in the IELTS syllabus:
Listening section
Listening - 4 Recordings and- 30 Minutes

 It encompasses four recorded monologues and conversations
Reading section
Reading - 40 Questions - 60 minutes

There are three long reading passages with tasks. Authentic texts (taken from books, journals, and newspapers) range from descriptive and factual to discursive and analytical.
Writing section
Writing - 2 Questions - 60 minutes

An essay writing task of at least 150 words in which the candidate summarizes, describes, or explains a table, graph, chart, or diagram, and another short essay task of at least 250 words.
Speaking section
Speaking - 3 Questions - 11-14 minutes

The face-to-face interview consists of brief questions, in-depth discussion of a familiar subject, and a structured discussion.
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