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Ivy League Colleges to study in Canada

The phrase "Ivy League" is connected to exclusive education, which is why all students desire to go to one of them. These universities are widely known as "the most desired places of higher education globally.
University of Toronto
The university provides more than 980 undergraduate and postgraduate programs covering a broad array of subjects.
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University of Waterloo
Over 100 undergraduate courses and 190 graduate courses are offered at university of Waterloo, the most sought-after being B.Tech., B.Sc., BBA, M.Tech, and M.Pharma.
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University of Calgary
The institution provides more than 110 bachelor majors and 70 postgraduate and certification courses. Popular courses include MBA, Computer Science, etc.
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University of Montreal
The university has 13 departments that encompass a broad range of topics, including music, natural science, law, humanities, and health.
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McGill University
McGill University is renowned for its comprehensive research organizations and study courses, and its incredible global alumni community of 250,000 individuals.
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