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Tips improve your GMAT Score without coaching

It is essential to take the GMAT exam to gain entrance into an MBA program, since the majority of universities admit applicants based on their GMAT scores. Let's talk about ways to study for the GMAT without any coaching.
Research About Exam Pattern
It's essential to understand the structure and scope of the test. There are 80 questions to be answered in 3 hours and 7 minutes
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Set Your Target Score
The overall score is calculated between 200 and 800, so you must set your target score as per the university criteria.
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GRE Preparation Books
Read GMAT books that are comprehensive and informative to understand the concept easily.
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Take GMAT Practice Tests
Rather than worrying about how to get ready for the GMAT without taking a course, devise a study plan that deals with all your weaknesses
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Use GMAT Preparation Apps
In addition to the traditional way of studying from textbooks, there are many GMAT preparation applications available to help you study at your own pace.
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