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Top 5 Tips to Become a Pilot

Flying across the world is the most sophisticated and dream job, but the road to this journey is not easy. Here are a few tips to get started.
Your age should be 17 years, and you must score 50% in 10+2 in MPC subjects [Maths, Physics, and Chemistry] along with English at the intermediate level.
Know Eligibility Criteria
Have a complete picture of a pilot’s life, highlights and challenges, lifestyle, salary and training.
Do your research
Obtain your initial Class 1 Medical, necessary for anyone wishing to train for a commercial or airline transport pilot licence.
Get your pilot medical
One of the most expensive investments ever is the cost of professional flying training. Make sure that your investment is secure no matter which path you take.
Last but not least, keep going. Regardless of the training path, there is no easy path to the cockpit, but the view from the office window is quite spectacular once you are there.
Don’t give up
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