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Top 6 Countries to Study Abroad for Free 2023

Many countries offer free or very affordable study abroad opportunities for students. All you need to do is know where to look.
Study in Germany for free
Studying abroad in Germany continues to grow in popularity. There are no undergraduate tuition fees at most public universities in Germany. To cover administrative costs, a nominal university fee of around €150-250 is charged.
Study in Norway for free
Norway also offers free education to international students and funds higher education for all students. Norway's top universities offer zero tuition fees for international students in a variety of programs.
Study in Finland for free
Finland, one of the top nations for free education, is a favored global academic centre. In Finland's public universities, there are no tuition fees for international students who choose to pursue higher education.
Study in Denmark for free
Universities in Denmark give international students an entirely free higher education. Participants in student exchange programs are exempt from paying tuition costs.
Study in Sweden for free
Education is free for European Union nationals in Sweden. A number of high-ranking European institutions with high education standards are located in Sweden.
Study in Brazil for free
Brazilian universities offer free education to both locals and immigrants. The tuition fees at state-backed institutions are nominal for international students. Their education is of high quality and offers rewarding prospects.
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