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Top BCA Courses

The Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is a three-year undergraduate program that teaches computer application and software development basics.
Fundamentals of  Computers

· C Programming

· Operating Systems

· Multimedia Systems

· Understanding Organisational Behaviour

· Data and Database Management Systems

· Web-Based Application Development

· Computer Lab and Practical Work
Top courses Covered
· Animation

· Accounting Applications

· Systems Analysis

· Personal Information Management

· Programming Languages

· Internet Technologies

· Computer Graphics

· Music and Video Processing
BCA Specialisations
· Offered in various specializations

· Offers multiple job opportunities

· Develops computer and IT-related skills and knowledge
BCA Course Benefits
· Application Developer
· Computer Programmer

· Software Programmer

· Computer Technician

· Computer System Analyst

· Computer Maintenance Engineer
Careers after BCA
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