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What if I stop 2 minutes before IELTS speaking?

If a candidate speaks for less than a minute during Part 2 of the exam, the examiner will be likely to indicate a few prompts and ask "Could you tell me further details about this?" in an effort to make them talk for a more extended period
If you manage to do Part 3 of the IELTS speaking test successfully, this will likely result in a higher score overall.
How will it affect your score?
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• Speak for less than 2 minutes. • Run out of things to say.
• Unstructured talk.
• Not speaking naturally.
• Panic because they think they
   know nothing about the topic.
Reasons to not perform well In IELTS Speaking Part 2
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Mistakes to avoid in IELTS Speaking test
• Memorise answers.
• Not speaking aloud and with
• Going off-topic.
• Giving yes or no answers
   without good elaboration.
• Repeating the same words or         
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