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5 things we can adopt from the ancient Indian education system

Check out top 5 aspects from the ancient Indian education system that can be adopted in the current education system.
Prepare students to solve real-world problems
Indian Gurukuls focused on teaching students' knowledge they could apply to address actual issues in the real world which is lacking in the current system.
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A collaborative learning environment
The traditional Gurukul system was not limited to lectures. Thus, a student-teacher collaborative atmosphere in modern education will lead to effective learning for students.
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Incorporating Ethics and values in Modern Education System
Traditional education systems focus on instilling moral principles and values in students through practical approaches and religious teachings.
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Student-centric approach
Modern teaching systems must allow students the freedom to learn at their own speed witho predetermined syllabus.ut being required to stick to a
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An evaluation system of skills
The contemporary educational system must access students on the skills and abilities they gain and how they are able to apply them in the real world.
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