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5 UK universities offering great instalment plans

The good news is that a majority of universities in the UK offer the option of paying tuition fees in installments.
The cost of a bachelor's degree or a master's degree taught program at Teesside University is 14,000 pounds.

Prior to registering in the university, a payment of 4,000 pounds has to be made as a deposit. Afterwards, the remaining amount can be settled in a maximum of seven installments.
      Teesside University
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The tuition fees range between 6,100 to 9,250 pounds. Students can pay in three instalments along with 50% during enrolment
University of Hull
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The tuition fees range from 13,700 to 15,500 pounds. Students have to pay 50% of first year’s course fees.
University of South Wales
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The tuition fee ranges between - £8500 to £9,250. Students can pay fees in three installments.
University of West Scotland
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The tuition fee is approximately 9,250 pounds, and it must be paid in nine consecutive installments from the month of enrollment.
University of Lincoln
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