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Average Salary after MS in Business Analytics in USA

On a daily basis, the need for professionals who have a good understanding of analytics is increasing. Consequently, upon completing your studies, you will be able to secure some of the most lucrative jobs in the US.
Average Salary after completing MS in Business Analytics
• Business Analyst: 101,911 USD
• Financial Analyst: 86,902 USD
• Data Scientist: 74,581 USD
• Management Analyst: 77,470 USD
• Business Data Analyst: 74,116 USD
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• Operations Research Analyst: 81,390 USD
• Quantitative Analyst: 86,235 USD
• Mathematician: 71,569 USD
• Statistician: 79,147 USD
• Business Consultant: 77,433 USD
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Top Recruiters for MS in Business Analytics
• Boston Consulting Group: 87,000 USD -196,000 USD
• McKinsey & Company: 56,000 USD -200,000 USD
• IBM: 73,000 USD -99,000 USD
• Amazon: 87,000 USD -118,000 USD
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• Google: 111,000 USD -279,000 USD
• Apple: 55,696 USD -140,466 USD
• Facebook: 83,904 USD -1,20,000 USD
• PayPal: 52,619 USD -112,335 USD
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Is it necessary to have prior experience in order to pursue a degree in Business Analytics?
Every college has a unique requirement for entry. And it is not required to have a background in the area of statistics and models to study the course.
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