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Best NCERT books for IAS preparation

NCERT Books are considered for UPSC Preparation as an ideal resource because these books explain the fundamental principles in very easy-to-understand language.
History NCERT Books For UPSC
  • Class VI – Our Past I
  • Class VII- Our Past II
  • Class VIII- Our Past III
  • Class IX- India and the Contemporary World I
  • Class X- India and Contemporary World II
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  • Class XI- Themes in World History
  • Class XII- Themes in Indian History – Part I
  • Class XII- Themes in Indian History – Part II
  • Class XII- Themes in Indian History – Part III
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Geography NCERT Books For UPSC
  • Class VII – The Earth Our Habitat
  • Class VII- Our Environment
  • Class VIII- Resources and Development
  • Class IX- Contemporary India - I
  • Class X- Contemporary India - II
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  • Class XI- Fundamental of Physical Geography
  • Class XI- India - Physical Environment
  • Class XII- Fundamental of Human Geography
  • Class XII- India - People and Economy
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Indian Polity NCERT Books For UPSC
  • Class IX-Democratic Politics Part – I
  • Class X- Democratic Politics Part – II
  • Class XI- Indian Constitution at work
  • Class XI- Political Theory
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  • Class XII- Contemporary World Politics
  • Class XII- Politics in India Since Independence
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Economics NCERT Books For UPSC
  • Class IX- Economics
  • Class X- Understanding Economic Development
  • Class XI- Indian Economic Development
  • Class XII- Introductory Microeconomics
  • Class XII- Introductory Macroeconomics
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Indian Society NCERT Books For UPSC
  • Class VI- Social and Political Life - I
  • Class VII- Social and Political Life - II
  • Class VIII- Social and Political Life - III
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  • Class XI- Understanding Society
  • Class XII- Indian Society
  • Class XII- Social Change and Development in India
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Art and Culture NCERT Books For UPSC
  • Class XI- An Introduction to Indian Art - Part I
  • Class XII- Living Craft Traditions of India
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UPSC NCERT Books for Science
  • Class VI- Science - Textbook for Class VI
  • Class VII- Science - Textbook for Class VII
  • Class VIII- Science - Textbook for Class VIII
  • Class IX- Science - Textbook for Class IX
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  • Class X- Science - Textbook for Class X
  • Class XI- Chemistry -Part II - Unit 14
  • Class XI- Biology - Unit 4 and Unit 5
  • Class XII- Chemistry - Part II - Unit 16
  • Class XII- Biology - Unit 8, Unit 9, and Unit 10
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