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CAT 2022: Exam Day Dress Code, List of Barred Items

Prior to entering the test centre premises, candidates will be frisked with a handheld metal detector. Also, candidates need to follow the dress code as indicated on their CAT admit card.
What is the CAT 2022 exam dress code?
Masks are permitted beyond Frisking Point. Socks, plain pullovers, sweaters and cardigans without any pockets Low-heeled slippers and sandals are permitted.
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It is not allowed to wear shoes with thick soles or clothing with big buttons.
 All personal belongings should be kept aside at the examination centre.
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Candidates who have metal implants, pacemakers, etc. in their bodies must bring a supporting medical certificate to the test centre.
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What is the list of barred items for the CAT 2022 exam?
Aspirants are not permitted to carry any barred items. Items such as goggles, wallets, belts, etc are prohibited.
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Watches, bracelets, cameras, ornaments, and other metallic items are also prohibited. You may not bring mobile phones, electronic devices, calculators, pens, or own stationery items into the exam hall.
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