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Check documents list for education loan

Students have always benefited from education loans, which help them achieve their academic and career goals. And the best part is the documentation is the bare minimum so they can get a loan as soon as possible.
Documents required for education loan
The following are the required documents for students applying for a student loan.
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  • KYC documents such as Aadhaar card, PAN card or driving license.
  • Address Proof document
  • Regional/Domicile Proofs
Identity Proof
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  • Admission proofs
  • Last qualification marksheets, score card, degree or diploma
  • HSC/10th/12th qualification records
Academic Records
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  • Bank Statements
  • Income Tax documents
Financial documents
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Collateral documents
Documents of ownership of asset
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  • Application form
  • Guarantee forms
  • Subsidy application forms
Generic administration documents
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If the loan application is rejected the first time, can a person reapply?
Yes, a person can reapply for an education loan.
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  • The student’s academic record.
  • The co-borrower’s job profile.
  • The type of collateral that is being provided.
  • The university where the student got admission.
What are the factors that are considered while approving an education loan?
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