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Fun things to do in Canada in winter

Winters in Canada are legendary. There are so many amazing things to do around here that you may be pleasantly surprised.
Skiing in the Rocky Mountains
What better way to truly experience a Canadian winter than to go skiing or snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains
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The Quebec Carnival is one of the most enjoyable winter activities in Quebec City.
Carnaval de Quebec
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one of the most iconic things to see is a frozen Niagara Falls in the winter
Visit Niagara Falls
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Watch the Northern Lights Dance in the Sky
Winter is the best time to see the northern lights in Canada, one of nature's best aerial displays.
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During winter in Canada, you can experience what it's like to race across open snowy terrain being towed by a team of dogs
Try Dog Sledding
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A popular motorized winter activity in Canada is snowmobiling
Go Snowmobiling
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Relax at a Hot Springs
Hot springs are the perfect way to warm up after all those winter adventures
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