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German Universities that Accept Backlogs

Applying to a university in Germany doesn't have to be complex, and you might be surprised to learn that you can even be admitted to a prestigious German university if you have backlogs!
Universities Accepting Backlogs in Germany
  • SRH Hochschule Berlin: 3-4 Backlog
  • International School of Management: 3-4 Backlog
  • Technical University of Munich: 3-4 Backlog
  • IU International University of Applied Sciences: 5-6 Backlog
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  • Berlin School of Business and Innovation: Upto 10 Backlog
  • Jacobs University Bremen: 3-4 Backlog
  • GISMA Business School: Upto 10 Backlog
  • EU Business School: Upto 10 Backlog
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How many backlogs are allowed in Germany?
The number of backlogs is limited to 10 in Germany.
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