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How Can You Budget While Study Abroad?

Budgeting carefully is essential to maximizing your international experience. Maintaining your financial well-being will make your experience more enjoyable and eye-opening.
Get yourself a local bank account
Services differ from bank to bank, make sure you select the one that offers the most advantages to students and doesn't charge hefty prices for international bank transfers.
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Make a practical budget plan
Take into account expenses like rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, data fees, entertainment, study materials, and travel each month.
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Do smart saving
Find ways to save your money and use it smartly like sharing accommodation, Get student discount cards, Buy used books, Get passes for local transport, Shop during sales
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Work to support your lifestyle
You can work up to 20 hours per week and full-time during term breaks. In addition to enhancing your job skills, this extra money can help you manage your spending efficiently.
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Use your student card
Student card will help you avail discounts on restaurants, shops, movie tickets, transportation and various cultural events.
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Learn to cook
Spend your dining out budget on fresh ingredients for your own meals. You will save a lot on your food budget with this.
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Study abroad expenses can be managed with the help of proper financial planning. So plan your study abroad journey now!
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