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How long do you have to stay in Ireland to get PR?

If you’re thinking of making Ireland your home check out the requirements to get PR in Ireland after study.
What are the eligibility criteria to apply for PR in Ireland?
  • Non-EU students must have spent a minimum of five years in the country.
  • Valid Work Permit
  • Irish Residence Permit
  • Stable Employment
  • Good Behaviour & Conduct
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What are the documents required to apply for PR in Ireland?
  • Work permit
  • GNIB card or Irish residence permit
  • Passport copy included stamps and personal details
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To be eligible for PR, you must have a proper work authorization and have resided in Ireland for at least 5 years.
How to get Ireland Permanent Residency after student visa?
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What are Ireland's permanent residency benefits?
  • Tax benefits
  • Free education for Irish residents’ children
  • Easy trade process Frequent visits to Ireland anytime
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