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How NOC changes affect Express Entry candidates?

IRCC is undergoing a transformation of their NOC system which will affect how they measure work experience; 16 new job roles that can now qualify for the Express Entry program and 3 will be ineligible.
NOC is a system that is used to evaluate an individual's profession to decide if they meet the requirements to migrate to Canada. This system assigns codes to all job positions.
How the NOC system works?
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Changes on NOC done on November 16, 2022
Besides skill type 0-D there will be TEER 0-5 to represent express entry profile or we can say can be accepted by Express Entry programs.
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To know your TEER grade, you must know your NOC code under the 2021 system. To know NOC code check Statistics Canada's Correspondence Table.
How to find your TEER level?
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Planning to get PR in Canada!!
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