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How to find H1B Visa 2023 Sponsors?

H1B Visas require sponsorship by a U.S. employer. Despite years of uncertainty, the USCIS now accepts H1B petitions filed by U.S. companies owned by Visa holders.
- Look for a Job in the           H1B  Visa Sponsors             Database
- Apply for the Job and       Get an Offer
- Find an Internship
- Look for Boutique               Consulting Companies
- Look for Global                     Consulting Companies
- Find a Job at a US               University
Ways to Find an H1B Visa Sponsor
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Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Facebook
Companies that Sponsor H1B Visa
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Make your resume stand out.
A good cover letter should tell a story.
Research before applying.
Recruiters and staffing firms can be a great resource.
Understand the hiring process.
Tips for finding and landing a job with H-1B sponsorship
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