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How to Prepare for GRE English Literature?

A majority of aspirants who want to pursue a master's degree in Literature at renowned universities abroad usually take the GRE English Subject test. Check out tips to prepare for this exam
How to Prepare for the GRE Literature Subject Test?
• Go through GRE literature prep books
• Review previous year's question papers.
• Revise the literature textbooks to get a better study outline.
• Appear in the GRE literature practice test
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Best Preparation Books for GRE Literature
• The Post-Colonial Studies Reader
• Critical Practice
• The Norton Anthology of English Literature
• Dictionary of Poetic Terms
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What is a good score on the GRE Literature subject test?
The average score for the test should be about 600, however, graduate universities will likely expect a minimum of 640 marks for admission.
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What are the different sections in the GRE English Literature Test?
• Literary Analysis (45-55%)
• Cultural and Historical Contexts (20-25%)
• Identification (15-20%)
• History and Theory of Literary Criticism (10-15%)
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