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IELTS vocabulary for upcoming IELTS exams

It's important for candidates to know that vocabulary accounts for 25% of the total scores in the reading and speaking tests, so to achieve high scores you must use different words in these sections, as you are evaluated on vocabulary usage
To be on the top of the world
To be on cloud nine
If my memory serves me well
Over the moon
Once in a blue moon
 Piece of cake
A drop in the ocean
Change one’s mind
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Another reason
These days
At the moment
Years ago
 When I was younger
In the past
I suppose
I think
I reckon
Useful vocabulary for IELTS
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Amazing: Incredible Answer: Respond
Awful: Bad
Beautiful: Pretty
Begin: Start
Come: Arrive
 Cool: Frosty
 Definite: Certain Interesting: Intriguing Funny: Amusing
Reading and writing vocabulary list
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  • Romp in: Win easily
  • Salt away: Save money
  • Tee off: Start or launch an event
  • Kick back: Relax
  • Pass over: Ignore, refuse
Phrasal Verb
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