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Ireland vs Germany: Which is best for International Students?

When it comes to selecting the study abroad destination, Ireland and Germany are the favored countries among international students. To facilitate the decision-making between Ireland and Germany, check out this analysis.
Top Universities in Germany
• Freie Universität Berlin
• Technical University of
• Munich Ruprecht-Karls
• Universität Heidelberg
• Ludwig Maximilian
• University of Munich
• Humboldt University of Berlin
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Top Universities in Ireland
• National University of Ireland Galway
• University College Dublin
• Dublin City University
• University College Cork
• Trinity College Dublin
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Cost of Studying in Germany vs Ireland
• Bachelor’s Degree in Germany: 1,000- 20,000 EUR
• Master’s Degree in Germany: 20,000 - 30,000 EUR
• Bachelor’s Degree in Ireland: 9,850- 25,000 EUR
• Master’s Degree in Ireland: 9,500 - 34,000 EUR
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Stay Back Period in Germany vs Ireland
In Germany, students can stay back till 18 months and in Ireland it is 24 months.
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Post-study Work Opportunities in Germany vs Ireland
• Work Sectors in Germany: Healthcare, automobile, aviation, business management, etc.

• Work Sectors in Ireland: Pharmaceuticals, agricultural, mining, software, finance, marketing, etc.
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