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LOR for Canada Guidelines

Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) is the critical requirements while applying to MS, MBA, or PhD at universities abroad.
What is a Letter of Recommendation?
A Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is a document that is issued by a professor or reporting manager of your last organization.
Types of Letter of Recommendation
  • Academic LOR
  • Professional LOR
How to select a good recommender for Academic LOR?
Approach a professor who taught you subjects or the project mentor under whom you have done your final project.
How to select a good recommender for Professional LOR?
Your current/former reporting manager or supervisor would be a best fit as a recommender.
LOR Formatting
  • Use A4 Page Size
  • Font size must be around 11/12
  • Font colour must be black.
  • Maintain one-inch margin on the page
LOR Formatting Guidelines
Common mistakes to avoid in LOR
  • Choosing the wrong recommender
  • Keeping the same message across all LORs
  • Mentioning what’s already covered
Best Practices for Recommendation Letter
  • Use simple language
  • Quantify your achievements
  • Work along with the recommender
Want to know how to write LOR?
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