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Problems Faced by Indian student in UK

What is it like for an Indian student to study in UK? The truth is, it is not very easy. However, everything that you go through is worth the effort.
International students may experience homesickness and find it challenging to get back home for a visit at times.
Feeling homesick
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Due to the accent, local slang, and cultural differences, communicating with people in English as a second language can be a little more challenging.
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International students often experience culture shock when they arrive in the UK. Things will be done differently than you're used to at home.
Culture shock
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The cost of studying in the UK can be very high. Some students may face financial difficulties as a result.
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Finding accommodation that is close to the university campus, has good infrastructure, and fits their budget could also be challenging.
Accommodation problems
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Students should gain as much knowledge as they can from their surroundings and try to adjust. Students can also talk to their seniors or the university counsellor about their problems
Tips to fix your problems
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Don't let these difficulties scare you. The university and society provide support and assistance to international students.
Sometimes, all you need is a push to get things moving in a new direction.
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