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Reasons for Canada Visa Rejection

Being refused a Canadian visa can be frustrating as it can ruin your study plans. Check out the most common reasons for the rejection of Canadian student visas.
Not having a letter of acceptance from a DLI
Only those who have been admitted to a Canadian Designated Learning Institution are eligible for a study permit (DLI).
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Unclear purpose of visit
The visa officer will reject your application if they do not believe that your intention to study in Canada is genuine
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Lack of financial security
Study permit will be denied if you fail to show that you paid your first-year tuition fee, as well as that you can afford to live during your studies.
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Incomplete academic records
The visa officer may reject your application if your supporting documentation is incomplete or your academic performance is inconsistent.
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Incomplete documentation
Incomplete paperwork, missing important documents, and not giving sufficient reasoning for your visit can result in your study permit being denied.
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