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Section Wise GMAT Preparation Plan

Making steady but consistent efforts will help you attain a GMAT score of 700 or higher. Check out how to get ready for the GMAT and look through the GMAT exam preparation tips section wise.
Integrated Reasoning section Tips
  • This section includes 12 questions with a time of 30 minutes.
  • Cover every topic to attempt the GMAT test confidently
  • Go through the books and study material for preparation
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Quantitative section Tips
  • There are a total of 31 questions.
  • Familiarize yourself with Data Sufficiency and Problem-solving questions.
  • Learn mathematical formulas to increase speed.
  • Practice easy and tricky questions
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  • There are a total of 36 questions.
  • Read newspaper editorials
  • Questions from various topics like reading passages, critical reasoning and idioms, etc.
  • Practice easy and tricky questions
Verbal section Tips
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Analytical Writing Assessment Tips
  • Wap up the writing assignment in 25 minutes
  • Read newspapers, articles to gain knowledge
  • Try to remember important points in a topic
  • Practice writing on different topics
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1 year is enough to prepare for the GMAT test?
Normally, a candidate needs at least 3 months to prepare for the GMAT exam
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