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Steps: Apply for H1B Visa Dropbox Appointment

Dropbox appointment comes in front when you apply for a visa renewal. Thus, candidates eligible for the dropbox option/ interview waiver can apply.
After how many days will I get the Visa Stamping decision?
You will get the decision within 7 to 10 business days when you drop off your documents.
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Step to Apply for H1B Visa Dropbox Appointment
The process is not different from the general visa renewal. It’s mostly documents and eligibility criteria that matter.
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Complete the Non-immigrant US visa application (DS-160) form online
Select the location for stamping and interview.
After filling in the form, you will get a confirmation number which will be required to get a stamping appointment.
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Create Your Profile on CGI Federal Website
While creating a profile you will get the option to select the country where you want the H1 visa renewal.
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Add Your Basic Information

- Nonimmigrant Visa
- Country and state
- Language of the Visa                 interview, category, class.
- Enter Your Personal info -       Dependents, Child Details
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Check H1B
Dropbox Eligibility

Check if you are eligible for dropbox or not
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Document Delivery Location, MRV Fee Payment Receipt Number
Select the document delivery option as you can go for pick up or select the premium delivery option and pay the fee.
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Finally, Book an Appointment for Document Drop-Off
After you pay the fee, you will lead to a screen to book an appointment. If not, you can enter the receipt number in the receipt number box and click continue.
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Can I ask someone to submit my visa application documents at the dropbox location?
Yes, your friend, spouse, or travel agent can submit your visa application documents. All you need to ensure is that all the documents are as per the checklist.
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To know more about visa processing, click the link below
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