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The Best Film Schools in Canada

Apart from being home to some of the world's best film schools, these cities also offer students the quintessential college experience.
Programs include Motion Picture Arts, 2D Animation & Visual Development, 3D Animation for Film & Games, Digital Visual Effects (VFX),and Independent Digital Filmmaking.
Capilano University
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Some of the programs include Producing, Directing, Cinematography, Script Writing, Advanced Editing & Digital Effects, and Production Design.
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Encourage students to grow as visual storytellers, achieve their own artistic visions, and maintain their creative independence.
InFocus Film School
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Students practice their skills with other creators in each craft area through the overlap of film studies, film principles, and film practice programs.
Langara College
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The Toronto Film School offers accelerated diploma programs designed to prepare you for a career in acting, film production, graphic design, and interactive media.
Toronto Film School
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