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Things to do in Toronto, Canada with family

Toronto is one of the most populous cities in North America and a preferred tourist destination. Let’s explore family-friendly things to do in Toronto.
The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the country's oldest and largest museums. It's located on the University of Toronto's campus.
Visit Royal Ontario Museum
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Despite the fact that Centreville Theme Park is a little out of date, children still have a great time.
Spend your Day at Centreville Theme Park
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The Hockey Hall of Fame, at 30 Yonge St. at Brookfield Place, is a must-see attraction, especially for hockey fans.
Play At Hockey Hall Of Fame
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It is the nation's biggest amusement park and must-see destination for families. In addition to the thrilling and entertaining rides, the park hosts concerts and other events.
Enjoy Rides In Canada’s Wonderland
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Taking the Toronto Ferry to the city's islands is a great way to spend time with family while taking in the beautiful views, particularly during the summer.
Take A Ferry to Explore Toronto Islands
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It is popular among visitors because it is frequently used for movies and television shows.
Visit Casa Loma
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The aquarium located at Bremner Blvd is home to freshwater and marine environments from all over the world.
Spend your Day at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
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The tower has a total of 147 levels and the EdgeWalk is on the 116th story which is the tower's most exhilarating attraction.
Climb at CN Tower
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