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Tips on How to Prepare for GMAT Without Coaching

If you intend to take the GMAT exam without the help of a tutor, you should allot a minimum of 6 to 9 months to prepare. Apart from the time, you will require a tailored study plan and practice. Let's discuss GMAT exam preparation tips.
Can I Crack GMAT Without Coaching?
Yes, you can easily crack the GMAT exam all you need is to Check university deadline
  • Select exam mode that best suits you
  • And practice, practice and practice
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Check exam pattern first
Before you begin with your study strategy, it is essential to understand GMAT exam structure and accordingly you must start preparing at least half a year before the exam.
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Make your own study plan
Make a customized 3-month plan for GMAT preparation to study effectively. Concentrating on one topic at a time for the assessment. Utilizing the GMAT study planner will maximize your score.
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Choose your preparation materials
It is beneficial to choose the best GMAT preparation resources to understand the style of questions and how difficult it is.
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Know your weaknesses
A personalized study program that involves regularly refreshing the sections that need improvement can have a positive impact on your GMAT scores.
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Effectively managing time is essential to excel in the GMAT exam. Because test is timed, it's important to not get stuck on any particular problem for too long.
Learn time
management skills
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Use elimination process
When taking the GMAT, the elimination technique is immensely beneficial as it can help to eliminate answers that are incorrect, helping you to identify the accurate response.
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Practice, Practice and Practice
Prepare for a particular area of the GMAT test using the Official GMAT AWA Practice, GMAT IR Practice, and GMAT Quantitative Practice Papers.
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Planning to study MBA abroad? You must take the GMAT exam first as per your university application deadline.
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