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Top Master of Data Science Colleges in Australia

In Australia, a master's in data science is in high demand, with salaries three times higher than the national average for data scientists.
University of Melbourne
This university holds a prestigious position for its Computer Science and Statistics courses. It is number one for its Master of Data Science program.
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University of Sydney
The University of Sydney, which is ranked number two, covers the most recent research in data mining, machine learning, and data visualisation.
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RMIT University
Those having prior knowledge of Computer Science or Statistics have an advantage when enrolling in the Master of Data Science program at RMIT.
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Monash University
Given that data science is a relatively new field, graduates may be recruited for roles such as data miner, research scientist, data architect, and analytics expert in addition to being employed as a data scientist.
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La Trobe University
The Master of Data Science course provided here offers electives in big data, cloud computing, analytical science, and bioinformatics.
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