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Top post-graduate courses to study in Netherlands

Master's degrees are offered by many top universities in the Netherlands, which offer low tuitions, excellent universities, and a multi-ethnic lifestyle.
University of Amsterdam University of Twente
Delft University of Technology University of Groningen Tilburg University
Rotterdam University of Applied Science
Top Universities in Netherlands for Master’s
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MSc logic
MA media studies (research)
MA Latin American studies, MA Child development and education
MA Law & finance,
Master in Business administration
Master’s Courses at University of Amsterdam
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  • MSc in embedded systems
  • MSc in industrial design engineering,
  • MSc in computer science
  • MSc in electrical engineering,
  • Master in public administration
Master’s Courses at University of Twente
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Master’s Courses at Delft University of Technology
  • MSc in technical medicine
  • MSc in systems and control
  • MSc in computer engineering
  • MSc in materials science and engineering
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MA in Euro culture
MA in European linguistics
MA in English literature and culture
MA IN North American studies
MSc in religion and cultural heritage
Master’s Courses at University of Groningen
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M.A in Cultural studies
M.A in Art and media studies M.A Health Humanities
MSc in marketing analytics MSc data science and society
Master’s Courses at Tilburg University
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