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Top Scholarships in Canada for Indian Students

Many Indian students planning to study in Canada can apply for international scholarships offered by the Canadian government or directly funded by the institutes.
Hani Zeini Scholarship
It is available to students pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees across Canada and is applicable to all universities.

 Value - maximum amount per student stands at USD 1,000.
Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program
It is a merit-based scholarship awarded to students enrolled in publicly-assisted universities in Ontario.

 Value- $5,000 per session.
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
It is awarded to doctoral students studying health research, engineering research, or social studies and humanities research.

Value- $50,000 per year
Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is available to students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in Criminal Justice, Accounts, Business Administration, and Finance.

Value - USD 10,000 per students
Ontario Trillium Scholarship
Students enrolled at universities in Ontario are eligible for the Ontario Trillium Scholarship in a 2:1 ratio.

 Value - 30,000 USD
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