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Top Scholarships to Study Abroad

Thousands of universities and government agencies offer scholarships to international students abroad.
Tricks for Finding Scholarships as an international student
1. Research properly
2. Understand the eligibility criteria
3. Apply for a scholarship
4. Get your documents ready
5. Apply Early
• Merit-Based Scholarships
• University Scholarships
 • Country-specific Scholarships
 • Government Scholarships
 • Private Scholarships
• Financial Scholarships
Types of international Scholarship
Top Scholarships after 12th to Study Oversees
1. Inlaks Scholarsips
2. Oxford and Cambridge Society of       India (OCSI) Scholarships
3. UCD Global Graduate Scholarships
4. QS Undergraduate Scholarship
5. Cornell University TATA Scholarship

How can I Get a Full Scholarship to study abroad?
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