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Top Universities in USA for Computer Science

Computer science is a continually changing study that pertains to the comprehension of both hardware and software development and analyzing their principles and implementation in the actual world.
Best Universities in the USA to Study Computer Science
• University of Washington 
• Cornell University
• Carnegie Mellon
• New York University (NYU) 
• Stanford University
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• Cloud Computing
• Artificial Intelligence 
• Cybersecurity
• Machine Learning
• Data Science
• Human Computer Interaction
• Software Engineering
• Information Systems
Specializations for Bachelor’s in Computer Science
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Specializations for Master’s in
Computer Science

• Mobile Computing, Social Networks 
• Data Structures
• Reconfigurable Computing
• Big Data, Cloud Computing 
• Computer Networks
• Computer Architecture 
• Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Trust
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Work Opportunities After Pursuing Computer Science in USA
• Software Developer: $97,763
• Cyber Security Analyst: $80,078  • Data Analyst: $69,517 Computer  • Hardware Engineer: $1,39,015
• IT Consultant: $83,400 Web  • Developer: $70,863
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