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Top Universities to Study MBBS in the UK

Choosing a UK university means choosing an institution with an illustrious history of academic excellence. UK universities offer a wide variety of courses letting international students pursue their desired programs.
University of Glasgow
Medical students can benefit greatly from the excellent medical facilities, laboratories, and learning experiences.
Average Tuition Fees:
£52,000/ year
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University of Birmingham Medical School
The university focuses on helping medical students develop three key abilities -communication, practical, and theoretical. Average Tuition Fees: £26,640/ year
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Imperial College London
Imperial College London is the perfect choice if you want to conduct world-class medical research.
Average Tuition Fees: £46,650/year
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University of Leicester
The university curriculum is patient-centred and is delivered via lectures, group activities, and hands-on clinical experiences. Average Tuition Fees: £23,000/ year
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