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University of Bristol Acceptance Rate

The University of Bristol is the very first higher education institution in the UK for only female students. If you are considering pursuing studies at the UK's highest ranking research university, check out the details.
Why Study at the University of Bristol?
• The University is investing EUR 2 million in foreign scholarships.

• The Bristol Master’s Scholarship will grant EURO 2000 to each student.
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What is the acceptance rate at the University of Bristol?
The University of Bristol acceptance rate is around 68%.
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• BSc Accounting and Finance
• BSc Business and Management
• BSc Computer Science
• BSc Data Science
• BSc Economics
• M. Sc Advanced Computing
• M.Sc Management (Marketing)
• M.A Law
• MSc in Data Science
Top Programs to study at the University of Bristol
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Cost of Studying at University of Bristol
• UG Course: £21000 – £25900 •  PG Course: £21000 – £25900
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